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Pandemic PE

Perfect for kids age 3-7

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Keeping kids active through a virtual sports and fitness skills curriculum.

Let's not forget about physical education! With schools going virtual, we're going to make it easy for you to teach your child physical literacy, introduce them to new sports, stay active and have fun in an action-packed program!

Even including the PE programs offered by your schools, most kids aren't nearly as active as they should be. This program, designed for young kids ages 3-7, has been developed by experts in youth sports and athletic development. It is the perfect way to help you motivate your kids to live an active lifestyle and help them reach their daily activity needs. 

You've got this!

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More Screen Time?

We know your kids are getting WAY more screen time than you'd probably like, so we get it! Our classes are different in that they are synchronous and in small groups, which draws the kids out of the screen and motivates them to play more on their own and offline.

When kids master basic skills they build more confidence and motivation to play. 

Learn Critical Skills

Kids who master Physical Literacy at a young age have better focus, confidence and do better academically!

Progressive Skills-Based Program

This isn't a typical PE class of just jumping jacks and burpees! Each week's class builds on skills from the last so your kid grows their abilities!

Lots of fun!

Music, stinky feet, animal adventures! Our coaches turn on their toddler vocabulary so your child learns to love all physical activity!

Schedule and What They'll Learn

12-week Session Begins Monday, September 14, 2020

Live Weekly Classes are held on Mondays at 5pm or 5:30pm EST (depending on child's age/skill level) and Wednesdays at 5pm and 5:30pm EST

Each Monday, your Coach will go through fun games to work on MOBO skills (Motor Control, Ball Control). Mastering these skills at a young age gives kids confidence to play as they grow up. Your coach will also evaluate your child's progress on that day. 

Every Wednesday, we will introduce your child to skills from 6 different sports:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Flag Football
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball

These classes are coupled with our on-demand classes, which will give you a playbook of how to teach your child to play new sports. 

This program is the perfect way to get your kids active, learn new skills, try different sports and figure out what they enjoy!

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What's included

  • 12-Week Course
  • 2 Live Small Group Sessions Per Week
  • Fun on-demand sports classes to complete twice a week on your own time.
  • Mid-Session Assessment for your child
  • Earn Prizes for attending and winning challenges!

Basic + Starter Pack


Most Popular

  • All benefits of Basic plus we ship you a box of equipment!

    Starter Pack includes:
  • Soccer Ball + Ball Pump
  • Tennis Balls (various sizes)
  • Playground Ball
  • Cones and Agility Dots
  • Pickup Sports Drawstring Bag

Sibling or Pod


What's included

  • All benefits of Basic, but your coach will do assessments for each child and you will get multiple login access for up to 4 kids. 





Pickup Sports Pandemic PE for kids

"PPE" Protect your children from inactivity! 

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