Earn Prizes!

We love to encourage children to participate, complete their challenges, try a variety of sports, and progress in their development while having fun! Prizes are everyone's favorite way of doing that!

Ways to earn rewards:


  • Attend Two Virtual Sports Skill Classes: Earn a fun Pickup Sports Wristband for that sport! Try different sports and collect them all!
  • Attend Three Virtual Sports Skill Classes and weekly challenges: Earn a Certificate of Completion from you Coach for your skill level!

Try Different Sports

  • Two Sport kids: When you get a certificate of completion from two sports you earn a Pickup Sports Foldable Frisbee
  • Three Sport kids: When you get a certificate of completion from three sports you earn a Pickup Sports Draw String bag
  • Four Sport kids: When you get a certificate of completion from four sports You earn a Pickup Sports T-Shirt

Refer A Friend

Sports are so much more fun when you play with friends! Refer a buddy who attends and we'll send you sports sticker sheets!


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